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The Sky Catchers, designed by the sculptor Gary and Michel Redolfi, are whimsical jungle vines, which spring out from the ground or wrap around a tree branch. Forged in a very resonant alloy, they vibrate throughout their length while spatialising finely the sound around, like acoustic misting. This musical exteriorization gives back its place to aerial listening. Sound joins the world of strings through its shine. Consonance of art with its space.


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What if the ultimate quest was to become a whole?
A collection with no distinct edge, no defined selvage?
Looking – becoming and finally being one with our surroundings.
Erasing – forgetting in order to be pervious.
Accepting to lose oneself so as to receive better.
Combine and form a shape, a drawing, a volume of a sensed whole, carrier of softness and energy.
Gary’s artistic work is organic, such as bronze skins with telluric pulses properties. Within the curves of its shapes, the force snuggles in an everlasting cycle for the birth of a world.